Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder Net Worth is $18 Million



$14 million


$18 million



Winona Ryder net worth

Nicknames: Winona Laura Horowitz, Noni

Date of birth: the 29th of October, 1971

Profession: actress, film producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies

Winona Ryder is a slim elegant woman and now she is rich enough to purchase everything she likes. The star owns a net worth of $18 million, but even the fact, that she is a multimillionaire, hadn’t prevent the woman from stealing goods at a Saks. They say she took the merchandise for a solid amount of $5, 000 or so. Although Winona’s career slowed down after that event, which was widely publicized, still she remains one of the most talented actresses and the most luxurious women in the world.

Winona Ryder spent her childhood in a hippie commune, that’s why she couldn’t boast with expensive clothes or cosmetics. Even electricity was a kind of a miracle in Ryder’s modest lifestyle. Once she occasionally watched the old movie together with her mom and fell in love with that beautiful life on the screen. From that moment small Winona Laura Horowitz made up her first important decision – she decided to become an actress.

Noni was a great student. After graduation from Petaluma High School, she studied acting at American Conservatory Theatre. Her talent was obvious and soon 15-year-old actress made a screen debut in “Lucas”. Thus she earned her first salary, but her salary two years later looked much more impressive. Winona Ryder met her big break, having portrayed a troubled teenager in “Beetlejuice”.

Winona Ryder saved multimillion net worth, having participated in such box office hits as “Little Women” (she got an Oscar nomination for that work), “Edward Scissorhands”, “Black Swan”, “Autumn in New York” etc. To make her net worth even bigger, Winona found additional source of income. She participated in numerous commercials. The star endorsed Japanese car Subaru Impreza, café latte and many other goods.


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