Woody Allen

Woody Allen Net Worth is $80 Million



$65 million


$80 million



Woody Allen net worth

Nicknames: Allan Stewart Konigsberg, Heywood Allen

Date of birth: the 1st of December, 1935

Profession: film director, actor, comedian, screenwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies

Allen Stewart Konigsberg, mostly known as Woody Allen, is an internationally popular film director and screenwriter, occasional actor and a real genius, who managed to gather $80 million net worth.

Woody comes from a middle-class family. His mother earned her living as an accountant and his father was a jeweler. Since the earliest years Allen had a poor health, he was very thin and looked exhausted. The teenager hated school and had no friends. But he liked cinema and spent most part of his time, watching various movies.

His parents dreamed, he would become a lawyer or a doctor, but Woody fell in love with writing and earned his first $75 for a sketch, which was published in a local newspaper. Then it was a solid amount for him and the young man was very proud to bring home his first paycheck.

Woody Allen soon became a comedy writer and wrote his first script, named “What's New Pussycat”. He appeared as an actor in the movie too and this project brought Woody his first accolades and a big salary.

Woody Allen started to serve as a film director in 1966, when he created “What's Up, Tiger Lily?” He teamed up with Senkichi Taniguchi to direct that movie. Having gained initial experience, Woody continued to make his original comedies.

The career way of Woody Allen was marked by both, fame and money. For his masterpieces the stellar film director was awarded with four Oscars and one Golden Globe. His most popular films are “Hannah and her Sisters”, “Midnight in Paris” etc.

The main source of Woody’s net worth is his movies. But he also had an additional source of income – endorsements. Allen appeared in commercials of Smirnoff Vodka and of Foster Grant glasses.

Now Woody Allen can lead any lifestyle he wants as he shouldn’t care about money!

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