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Zach Herron

Zach Herron Net Worth is $500, 000

How rich is Zach Herron?

Nickname: Zach

Date of birth: the 27th of May, 2001

Profession: singer, songwriter, band member, Instagram star

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Zach Herron Worth?

Zach Herron earns his net worth as a singer

Before he had become an Instagram star, he was just a cute teenager with big eyes and a sharp chin. Currently he is a rising music star with an estimated net worth of $500, 000. Zach Herron launched into the entertainment industry by starting his YouTube channel at the age of 13. He rose to fame in September, 2016, having presented his own version of “Stitches” song. Zach Herron performance gained more than 2 million views at YouTube. His fans, which call themselves as “Herronettes”, showered the young boy with compliments. “You voice is so perfect” one of them wrote.

Currently a teen singer Zach Herron has a steady income from his YouTube channel (which has more than 200, 000 subscribers), Instagram account (with more than 1, 5 million followers) and from his activity of a singer. As for now, Zach Herron is the member of a boy band “Why Don't We”.

On the first day of spring in 2018 the band released the hit “Trust Fund Baby”, which gained more than 8 million views at YouTube within a couple of weeks.

As you see, Zach’s music career is taking off, and that’s why he cost so much now and soon will cost even more!

Zach Herron Bio

Zach Herron biography

Zach Herron was born in Dallas, TX. His father is Josh Herron and his mother is Myta. Myta Herron is 44 years old, and she is a talent manager. Except Zach, Mita also has a daughter Reese Herron, an Instagram star, and a son Ryan Herron.

It was Zach’s mother, who noticed the boy’s talent to music and helped him start his career. At first Zach demonstrated his singing skills at various talent show competitions, and in 2016 he has become the part of the band, named “Why Don't We”, usually abbreviated as WDW.

Alongside four other band members – Jonah, Corbyn, Jack and Daniel = Zach Herron moved to LA. There five boys live in one and the same house and are preparing to become A list music stars.

Zach Herron is a member of WDW band

In 2016 WDW released a hit EP “Why Don't We Just”, which was ranked as the best one that year in USA. 

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