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Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans Net Worth is $1, 5 Million

How rich is Zak Bagans?

Nickname: Zachary Alexander Bagans

Date of birth: the 5th of April, 1977

Profession: TV host, actor, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much is Zak Bagans Worth?

Zak Bagans net worth and career

Zak Bagans net worth is estimated at $1, 5 million. Widely known as the paranormal investigator, Zak Bagans did a great job in order to interfere to the world of spirits. That activity resulted in the TV series, co-created and hosted by Zak, named “Ghost Adventures”.

In addition to the super successful series, Zak hosted the reality TV show “Paranormal Challenge” and authored a number of books, such as “Am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead”, “Darkness Optional: The Holy Truth” etc.

These successful projects brought Zak Bagans a solid wealth. But he is not going to stop and continues working. Bagans most recent project is an horror pseudo-documentary film “Demon House”, based on the real-life story of Latoya Ammons. The woman and her kids moved to a rental house in Gary, IN. There the family witnessed a number of paranormal events, including shadowy male figures in their living room and the sound of someone’s steps.

Zak Bagans in Ghost Adventures

Ammons house drew public attention. Zak Bagans tried to give his own point of view on the story in his film “Demon House”. The movie got a modest success and brought the TV host some additional profit.

That’s why now Zak Bagans can be firmly confident in his future. But let’s look how it all began!

Zak Bagans Bio and Career

Zak Bagans young

Zak Bagans calls himself as “the night dude”, because he works mostly at nights. But it’s hard for a paranormal investigator to stay in the dark, because his name is known to millions of people all over the world.

In his young years Zak had no idea, that soon he would be rich and famous. He was an ordinary boy, like many other boys in the neighborhood. Zak grew up in a middle class American family. His mother, Nancy Knapp was an active energetic woman, who shared her time between the job of the interior designer and up-bringing of three kids (Zak has a brother and sister). Later Nancy divorced with Bagans father and re-married. Thus, Zak got two more half-siblings.

As the popular TV host tells, he got paranormal experience in his childhood, and it caused his great interest in this area.

Zak Bagans is a well-educated person. He studied at Glenbard West High School and then continued his education at the Motion Picture Institute (Michigan).

Zac Bagans bio

Having got the great professional training, Zak moved to Las Vegas, where he started to create films. His activity of a film maker didn’t bring Zak enough money at first, that’s why he combined it with the work of a DJ at weddings.

In 2004 he presented a documentary movie “Ghost Adventures”. The film got positive reviews from critics, and it inspired Zak to continue. In 2008 the project was transformed into documentary series, which were on at Travel Channel. The project has developed a huge fan base, that’s why it has been on air during 16 seasons.

This series and other TV projects made Zak a very rich man. He had enough cash to satisfy all his needs, including purchase of a luxurious house.

Zak Bagans House

Zac Bagans house

Zak Bagans used to live in a luxurious home in Las Vegas. In autumn, 2015 he put the mansion on sale and asked $2, 5 million for it. The residence of a “ghost hunter” looks really marvelous!

The spacious two-storey mansion of a pleasant beige color was decorated by Zak’s mother Nancy.

Zac Bagans house

The mansion looks perfect both, inside and outside. It stands in a calm area. On the territory of the mansion there’s a deep swimming-pool. In addition, there’s also a big garage, a basketball court and a vast barbeque area. In the garage there are other Zak Bagans toys – his cars.

Zak Bagans Car

Zac Bagans car

The big car lover, Zak Bagans has several expensive brand vehicles in his garage. His special pride is Lamborghini. The TV star also owns the Bentley and the Hearse.

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