Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth is $160 Million



$90 million


$160 million



Zlatan Ibrahimovic net worth

Nicknames: Ibracadabra, Zlatanera

Date of birth: the 3rd of October, 1981

Profession: athlete, soccer player

Nationality: Sweden

Source of wealth: soccer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known worldwide as a talented soccer player, goalscorer and skilful businessman, who has a net worth of $160 million. Forbes estimates Zlatan’s annual salary as $37 million. He gets $30 million as a soccer player and $7 million for his endorsement deals. It is known, that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has signed a lucrative deal with Nike. He also designs his own sport apparel line and hopes to create Zlatan fragrance soon.

Now it seems that everything the star athlete touches, turns into gold. But earlier, when he just started his career, he could never imagine that he would become one of the most successful Europe strikers.

His father was Bosnian and mother Croatian, but the family lived in Malmö, Sweden. Zlatan was a two-year-old boy, when his father left the family. The early years of the future millionaire were extremely poor. He was ready to do everything to earn at least something and support his mother. Thus he stole bicycles and other expensive things and was considered as a difficult pupil at school.

But Ibrahimovic’s talent of an athlete was obvious. He managed to become a member of Malmö FF, the club, which was not very popular then. But with Zlatan’s skilful play Malmö FF managed to make a great leap forward. Ibrahimovic got a chance to become a professional football player and he used that opportunity.

He was signed by Ajax, the Dutch club, as a striker. Zlatan Ibrahimovic successfully played for the club during 4 years. During 15 years of his soccer career, Zlatan played for the best clubs in the world and scored numerous goals. In summer-2016 Ibrahimovic decided to retire. He thinks he did everything he could for the development of soccer.

We will see what salary the star athlete will get the next year. 

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